SE «UkrRTC «Energostal» is one of the leaders in Ukraine and CIS in the field of:

  • engineering design of new enterprises, reconstruction and re-equipment of existing industrial entities in the iron & steel sector, machine-building and other industries;
  • development of new production facilities, technologies and processes for furnishing metal product;
  • industrial ecology;
  • energy-saving;
  • cooling of metallurgical units;
  • utilization of secondary resources;
  • metal product furnishing;
  • neutralization and recovery of industrial and domestic wastes;
  • realization of major Kyoto Protocol regulations at basic industry sectors.

The distinguishing features of the Center are in its integrated approach to work from "turn-key" development of advanced technical solutions up-to the delivery and implementation of first-class technology and equipment; multidisciplinary profile; powerful scientific, technical and production potentials; extensive years of experience; competent cum decent business reputation; and the ability to solve complex manufacturing, technical, environmental and energy problems of enterprises in an optimally effective and economical manner.

The Center has highly qualified staff potential. Total number of the workforce is well above 600 persons. Among which are 3 academic professors of the Ukrainian technological academy, 2 academic professors of the Ukrainian academy of engineering, an academic professor of international academy of computer technology and sciences, 7 Doctors of technical sciences, 33 post graduate candidates of engineering, physical, mathematical, chemical and economical sciences, and specialists with higher education certificates.

All the Centers' actions and works during design and reconstruction of existing production plants are geared towards enhancement of products’ quality and production output; reduction of energy intensity of products and minimizing negative impact of production on the environment.


  • complex design of industrial enterprises with whole production cycle including general engineering;
  • scientific research in the area of development, creation and industrial mastering of contemporary technologies and equipment for metallurgy, industrial ecology, resource and energy conservation;
  • creation of new and reconstruction of existing industrial enterprises and metallurgical works including integrated design, delivery and mastering of equipment;
  • engineering construction design;
  • innovation and industrial introduction of cutting edge technologies, production processes and equipment in the field of:
    • resource- and energy- saving,
    • protection of air and water basins,
    • wastes neutralization and recovery;
  • testing and measurements, certification and standardization;
  • environmental monitoring;
  • realization of Kyoto protocol principles at iron and steel works and other basic industry sectors of Ukraine.

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