PJSC "DMK" - environmental projects on "turnkey" basis

PJSC "DMK" - environmental projects on "turnkey" basis

In converter shop of PJSC “Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works” specialists of the SE "UkrRTC "Energostal" continue commissioning works at the converter No. 2, where general overhaul with reconstruction of gas cleaning system and replacement of recovery boiler has recently been completed. Currently, general overhaul works are being carried out at the converter No. 1.

SE "UkrRTC "Energostal" is the general contractor of the reconstruction and has offered the best technical solutions to achieve allowable (in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine) emissions, has accepted the obligation to develop the project, to produce and supply the equipment, to carry out installation supervision, commissioning and driving up the equipment to the design parameters.

Reconstruction of gas removal and gas purification systems of converter gases being carried out by the Center will allow achieving allowable indicators of harmful substances emissions released into the atmosphere from converter production of PJSC "DMK" and reducing its total emissions, and also further provides significant improve of the environmental situation in Kamenskoe. The basic indicator that needs to be achieved is to minimize emissions of harmful particles from afterburner unit up to 50 mg/m3. According to preliminary data, this indicator has been reached, and at present, the Center’s specialists are setting up the gas cleaning system in whole.

General overhaul of converter No. 1 with reconstruction of gas cleaning system and replacement of heat recovery boiler is planned to be held within 55 days, while such work takes at least 80 days. PJSC "DMK" and SE "UkrRTC "Energostal" are set to achieve high European standards in the field of ecology.