Requirements for articles

Dear Authors!

Scientific & industrial journal «Ecology and industry» publishes papers about new investigations and developments, technologies and equipment in the field of industrial ecology, raw material- and power-saving. The journal is included in the ukrainian state register «Перелік наукових фахових видань України, в яких можуть публікуватися результати дисертаційних робіт на здобуття наукових ступенів доктора та кандидата наук».

All materials for publication are to be submitted both in electronic format (disk or e-mail) and in printed form ( 1 copy). Font type - Arial, size 12 pt, line spacing - 1.5, margin -  2cm, total volume of article including text, tables, diagrams pictures and references should not exceed 10 A4 format pages.

The article begins with the UDC number followed by the Authors’ full name(s)(including his title and  position,), full and short name of the organization, title of article as well as abstract (5–6 lines) in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages; keywords – in language of the paper. 

When writing formulars, please use the equation editor program embeded in MS Word. Whwn choosing measurement units, it is adviced to use the International System of Units (SI).

Tables and figures should be numbered and titled. Figures and tables should have references to them in the text.

The bibliographic list should be drawn according to DSTU GOST 7.1-2006.

The paper should be signed by all the authors.

The paper should be sent with a supporting letter from the organization and information about all authors: full names of authors, scientific degree, academic status, job title, company name, address, telephone, e-mail(kindly indicate the corresponding author).

The Editors reserve the right to shorten and edit the article. Materials that do not meet these requirements will not be considered for publication.